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Great Walks

15 Great Walking Paths in Bunbury

Walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy. See 15 Awesome Walking Paths In and Around Bunbury.

Walking Tips:-

  • Remember to stretch before your walk
  • Bring water with you and stay hydrated
  • Sun protection – remember you sunnies, head protection and sun-screen
  • Keep to the left of Shared Paths
  • Stop and rest if you are feeling, tired or ill
  • Look for the Walk-it Bunbury logo every 250 metres on the walking paths to help you monitor your progress.


  • Mangles Walk – 6 km

This is the longest walk of the 15, so probably not the best one to start with. The location is South Bunbury, just south of the Big Swamp. Walk east along Hayward Street, turn right along Prince Philip Drive, turn right to walk down Minninup Drive. Turn right onto Hastie St until you reach Ocean Drive. Turn right and walk north up Ocean Drive until you reach your starting point at Hayward Street.

  • Carey Park Walk – 2.8km

In the suburb of Carey Park, walk east on Wisbey Street, turn right into Forrest Ave, right again into Wilkes Street. Turn right down Dyinda Street and left into Yorla Road. Walk to the end and turn right into Winto Street. Finally turn right up to Ecclestone Street and walk to starting point.

  • College Grove Walk – 2.8km

This walk is east of the Bussel Highway in the suburb of College Grove. Essentially it is an almost circular route along Winthrop Ave and Sommerville Dr.

  • East Bunbury Walk – 4 km

Starting opposite the Happy Wife Café, walk east along Austral Parade to Preston Street, right down Sandridge Road past the Forum Shopping Centre, turn right onto King Road and walk to the end where it meets Austral Parade.

Big Swamp Walk Bunbury
Big Swamp Walk Bunbury
Bunbury Beach Road Walk
Bunbury Beach Road Walk
Koombana Bay Walk, Bunbury
Koombana Bay Walk, Bunbury
  • Beach Road Walk – 3 km

Start at Hollow Beach Bar & Grill and walk east up William Street onto Beach Road. Then 3 consecutive left turns onto Karri St, Stockley Road and Banksia Street. Then follow Beach Road to the coast and turn right up Ocean Drive to your starting point.

  • Maidens Walk – 3km

This is essentially a walk around the northern part of Maidens Reserve which takes in some awesome Ocean views and finishes at Mindalong Beach.

  • Bellemore Park Walk – 3.5 km

This walk is located south east of the South Bunbury Walk starting at Timperley Road, down to Kinght Street and up Minninup Road.

  • Pelican Point Walk – 3.8km

Awesome triangular-shaped walk alongside Vittoria Bay to Pelican Point, inland to Old Coast Road and Estuary Drive.

  • Plaza Walk – 4.7 km

One of the longer walks in the CBD, taking in Blair St, Forrest Ave, Spencer St and north to Stirling St.

  • Marlston Hill Walk – 2.4 km

One of the shorter walks starting at the Bunbury Lighthouse at the north of CBD, taking in the Boat Harbour, Jetty and Marlston Hill Lookout.

  • Koombana Bay Walk – 5.3 km

The second longest walk around the Leschenault Inlet. If you need to break it up, stop for a drink at the Happy Wife Café, Corners on King Café or Waters Edge Restaurant. Lovely walk, particularly on a sunny day.

  • Big Swamp Walk – 2 km

The shortest of the walks just south of Beach Road around the Big Swamp. You will see the Big Swamp Parkland observation areas. The Bunbury Wildlife Park is located to the south west of this walk.

  • Vittoria Heights Walk – 4.2 km

A fairly long walk in the suburb of Glen Iris, taking in Vittoria Road, Jeffrey Road, Ince Road, Jubilee Road, Scarlet Drive and Woodley Road.

  • Crosslands Walk – 3.7 km

Essentially around Bunbury Racecourse and Donaldson Park in the suburb of Carey Park.

  • Withers Walk – 3km

Square-shaped in the southern suburb of Withers just west of Hay Park. Takes in Parade Road, Westwood Street, Minninup Road and Hudson Road.

Timing Your Walk

If you walk for 30 minutes, you should aim to cover the following distances, based on the pace you walk, as follows:-

  • Stroll – 1.8 km
  • Medium – 2.7 km
  • Brisk – 3.3 km